A little bit about the fullips creator, Linda Gomez, and how fullips came to be...


I am a wife of 33 years, mother of six wonderful children, and grandmother of two very active little girls.  Like many of you, I juggle many activities and I am always short on time.

In my 20’s, I had lots of time to worry about "me".  All my body parts were where they should be, nothing sagged or wrinkled and even my hair was a nice brown color.  (Well...except the time I accidentally turned it bright orange trying to get Farrah’s “sun kissed highlights” with Sun In.  Not my best look, but at least it wasn’t gray!)  Those were the days.  Looking back at my 20's, I don't know how I needed so much time to get ready!

As I hit 50 I noticed lots of little changes, nothing major, but they were beginning.  And over the past eight years things have continued!  Gray hair, wrinkles showing up overnight...and are those sun spots? (All those years of baking in the sun covered in baby oil and iodine, perhaps?)  And what happened to my arms and neck?  Welcome to the beginning of the “Golden Years”.

Nowadays, like most women, “me” time is hard to come by and my beauty routine requires far more than just make-up and curlers.

However, with a busy family life, spending lots of time in the mirror is not something I care to do.  I want to keep it simple, easy, inexpensive, and free of medical procedures.  So, I decided to start trying things to improve my looks, in little ways.  One of the biggest issues I noticed in my late 40’s was thinner lips.  (Where do our lips go?  I have no idea, but they really do seem to disappear!)

I tried lots of lip plumper gels and liked quite a few, but they really didn’t give me a good lip line.  The older I got the more of a problem this became.  So I started experimenting with things to fill out my lips.  Before long I realized that with suction I could plump them up temporarily.  The problem was finding something that fit and that would allow me to focus on specific areas.  After trying to find this on the market with no success, I set out to make fullips.  I tried all sizes and shapes, and after much trial and error, I narrowed it down to three that work best.

I started using the prototypes daily, experimenting with different options to enhance the lip line.  Before long my 20 year old daughter asked if she could have one, and it quickly became part of her daily routine too.  I shared them with other interested friends and family, and so fullips was born.

Getting these to market has been quite the learning experience and long journey.  fullips is now a fully patented product, and I hope they can be a useful tool in the makeup bags of many.  While this started as a product to help older women such as me, I hope those of all ages will find fullips useful.  Please check out the rest of our website to find the right fullips model for you.  (You can find lots of great photos and videos on our Instagram, and YouTube Channel!)

Thanks for your interest in fullips!