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"I decided to be your beauty guinea pig and see if it really works.  After completing all of the steps successfully, I looked in the mirror and I have to say that this little contraption actually did make my lips look a bit larger.  While the results only lasted about two hours, the effects of it were pretty cool."

-- Carly Cardellino, Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine



"OK GIRL !!I wanted to talk today about this little and cute lip enhancer created by Linda, I Have to say WOW!!!  This product actually makes my lips Super amazing and too BIG !I'm speechless!!! I included a picture so you can see. I'll give it a 10 stars because it actually works, no pain, very fast results, very easy and affordable, very important*...ha,ha,ha,ha,....You Don't have to paid a lot of money to do expensive and painful procedures to augment your lips.  Now you can have a beautiful and sexy lips every time you want. Results last for a few hours . I'm especially in love with the small oval because it fits my needs more, i have to say i love my lips -- they are are full and lush looking!"

-- FashionNey, Facebook


"AWESOME PRODUCT! Over the past few weeks I have been testing these amazing little devices that with simple suction can give you a much plumper pout! No crazy surgery, no painful stinging lip glosses that don't ever work, just simple auction to increase the blood flow to your kisser for fuller lips!" 

-- @thevintagedoll_official , Instagram


"Does It Really Work? Short answer: yes. Long answer: YES, I’M SERIOUS, IT WORKS! I noticed an immediate increase and puffiness in my lips, and you can especially tell a difference when you swipe on some shiny lip gloss."

-- Jesi, Pepperminting Blog


"Love the idea of just gloss and go! (Or in my case, Vaseline!) stay hydrated, beauties!"

-- Sirena C., Twitter


"So I just got my @fullipsenhancer in the mail today and I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed. These were results from less than minutes using it! I highly recommend this product to ANYONE who wants their lips more plump, I’m so unbelievably happy with the results!!"

-- @_vulpixxx , Instagram


"Okay so I've been testing this for a while now and I LOVE it. It's the @fullipsenhancer you can see the before and after is quite dramatic, so if you have the small lip life like myself than you definitely need this in your makeup bag!"

-- @ohabioh , Instagram


"Thanks so much @fullipsenhancer for coming up with this awesome natural product that actually works! I only use this usually for 2-3 min at a time. The owner is such an awesome individual as well!"

-- @jennqofficial , Instagram

"I just wanted to thank you for creating this amazing product. I received it today and tried it right away, and O.M.G. this thing is amazing!
I absolutely love it (and so does my husband!). I've always had very thin lips and never wanted to use any lipstick or lipgloss to avoid unwanted attention to my lips. Well, not anymore!
Thank you so much!!!"

-- R.M., United States


"Received my package with thanks.  Thank you also for the extra gifts.  I have tried the pack and love my bigger lips, my boyfriend isn't sure what to make of it yet though and says I look like Mick Jagger!!  I will be promoting your products as I know a few people who would be interested so hopefully you will have some new customers from the UK soon.  Thanks again!"

-- M.E., United Kingdom


"This thing is great! I wasn't exactly sure how it worked when I bought it, and am pleasantly surprised by how easy it is. Was super simple and I saw results quickly. First time I used it my lips stayed the size I wanted for about 4 hours. I'd definitely recommend!"

-- CT82, Customer review from



"I received my fullips today.  I was so excited to try them out.  Very comfortable and they did plump! The best part was being able to target specific areas on my lips.  My upper lip is smaller on one side at the top and it has always bothered me....with fullips I could target that area and even them out! Yay!"

-- L.M., California


"I have always been a skeptic when it comes to products that promise to make your lips bigger. I have purchased many lip glosses that promised to make your lips bigger, but really they never did anything other than giving you a tingling feeling for couple of minutes...I came across this gadget and I thought that I should to give it a try since its is only $20, so I wont feel too guilty for spending too much money on it if it didn't work.  And I am pleasantly surprised, it actually WORKS!!!  It is pretty easy to use and it takes less than minute (depending on how big you want your lips to be...So all together this is a great fun product to have, it is very easy to use, and you will receive great customer service, all for $20...I highly recommend :)!"

-- Nicole, from



"Your product is amazing!  It's a must have for ALL women...not just those over "a certain age"!  It's easy to use and REALLY works! I love it!

-- A.F., Arizona



"I truly loved this purchase.  It was an easy, and surgery-free way to get full lips for a night.  When I want a little extra oomph to my look, I use it.  I definitely would recommend it to anyone.  It's inexpensive and so fun!"

-- M.B., from



"Got them today, thank you, I love the results, gonna send a picture to my boyfriend."

-- L.H., Arizona



"I love this product!!! I use to receive lip injections but, the pain and cost was not worth it.  Even though this is temporary, it gives me the look I want!!  Will be using this product forever!!!"  

-- L.F., Vermont



"Holy Smokes!!! This actually works!!! I will be upfront and tell you that you must start out slow. The first day I played with all of the sizes and found that the round suction works well for me to do the "cherub" look since I already have full lips but due to age lines they have lost the natural plump.

My lips were a tad tender by the end of the first day but all was normal the next normal so I started to play with more looks. I did short suctions (about 15-20) seconds repeatedly until I got the look I wanted and then applied chapstick. By day 4 I could leave the suction times on longer. Now that I have played with it enough I know that the medium suction plumps my lower lip and the circle gives me the center cherub. I throw them in my make-up bag that I carry in my purse and can get a boost a few hours later if needed.

The tell tale sign that makes me a fan is that when I went into work my co-workers all looked at me and "I can't put my finger on it but you look younger." Eeeeeeee! If you don't overdo it and use it to subtly give life to your lips it is a great product for those who just want a little non-aggressive change.

With that being said, if I wanted to go crazy with this (which I tried just for giggle) I can get Angelina Jolie lips for the night. But lets be honest......if you meet someone with those lips, be prepared to explain the change later on. ;)

These are awesome! I love playing with these and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to challenge age, change your look, or add some sexy to your kiss!"

-- Hollis Vernetti, from


"I love this little thing. I'm pretty much always on the go, and this enhancer is small enough to fit in my purse, and keeps my lips looking much bigger than they would otherwise.  It takes a little practice to make perfect, but once you do it is so worth it. "

-- G.P., Georgia 



"Best kept secret!!  Easy way to enhance your helps without any fuss.  I'm a believer.  It may take a time or two to get the hang of it, but once you do you can't live without it.  It took away the lines around my lips and my lipstick looks so much better."  

-- ksb731, from



"I had my doubts, but because the price was right, I decided to give this a try. The Fullips Lip Plumper actually does work!  Definitely takes some practice though (still working on it).  Watch the YouTube videos!!  It does last around 2 hours.  I carry the small oval in my purse for a touch up when I am out."  

-- M.L.,  Australia



"I seriously fell in love with this product immediately once I seen the how-to video on the internet I rushed home & ordered it!  I used it, I used all 3 of them & I honestly think they all work very well!  I just grab one and go, keep one in my bag or one at home."  

-- P.A., Maryland


"I rarely leave feedback, but the product and service were so good here that I feel a need to spread the word. I am a 50 year old male with "disappearing upper lip syndrome" (my term). I'm not looking for Mick Jagger Mouth. Just a reappearance of my upper lip. This does the trick. In just a minute or two and I look younger. I don't look "enhanced", just a little more like my younger self."

-- Northwest Designer, from



I usually NEVER write reviews on anything; HOWEVER, I received this product 2 days after I ordered it and the seller also gave me an extra plumper :) It works AMAZING on me, I can't believe how much the size of my lips increased I love it (if you're contemplating getting a lip gloss plumper instead of this don't do it this works 3000 times better and it doesn't dry out your lips).

-- piper, from