Unauthorized Sellers, Known Counterfeits and Knockoffs

The following is a list of sellers we have found who offer (or have offered) illegal and potentially dangerous counterfeit or knockoff versions of our patented lip plumpers.

Most of these illegal products are manufactured in China.  Beware of any version of our product that comes from China, as it is almost certain to be a knockoff or counterfeit.

Fullips is made only in the USA from food grade plastic and FDA approved colorant.

We have had several Chinese knockoff versions of our product tested by an independent laboratory.  Most tests revealed measurable amounts of toxic chemicals, including arsenic, lead, barium, to name a few.

***Please note: Just because a product is sold and fulfilled by Amazon, or is sold through Amazon Prime, does not mean it is authentic!!!  Currently, Amazon is selling and fulfilling several illegal counterfeits and knockoffs of our product.  If you are purchasing from Amazon, please make sure that the listing says "from Fullips" AND "Ships from and sold by Fullips Lip Enhancers".  If you have any doubts or questions concerning the authenticity of a product or product listing, please contact us at info@fullips.com.