Lips are our Business!

Lips are our Business!

In light of the recent media attention Fullips has received, I decided we are long overdue for a post on the Fullips team's favorite topic - LIPS!

When I first started developing the enhancers for adding fullness to my own lips, I had just turned 50.  And because of the normal aging process, I noticed my lips were thinning.  While lack of estrogen is often a cause for older women, many women, of all ages, have naturally thin lips or simply want a little added fullness.  Fullips enhancers can certainly help with this, but here are some additional tips that can help as well!

1)  Stay hydrated.  Dehydration can cause lips to lose some of their natural fullness.  So being well hydrated is beneficial, not to mention to your overall health too!

A tip from one of our recent customers: "I have been an ER/Trauma RN for almost 10 years, so my knowledge about the human body is a little better then the average person.  I can tell you drinking a lot of water and taking vitamins/herbs is super beneficial in achieving the best results!  Coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol, etc...anything with caffeine will decrease the results tremendously, do to the diuretic effects of those products."

2)  Moisture.  Keeping your lips well moisturized, just like you would the rest of your face, not only keeps them fuller looking, but their overall appearance is better.  I personally love the Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment, but there are many great ones on the market.

3)  Exfoliate your lips.  Yes, while we often think about exfoliating our skin, we often forget that our lips can also benefit.  Use a very soft brush, gently.  In fact, Fullips packages include small exfoliation brushes with every order as a gift, I think it's that important!  Remember, nothing is nicer and more kissable than soft lips!

4)  Consider using a Plumping Gloss.  There are several good ones on the market already, and we will soon be adding our own as well.  Even if you prefer more color than you can get with just a gloss, or have your favorite lipstick, you can use a plumping gloss underneath your favorite color, still giving you the benefit of the plumping effect.  With any new plumping gloss, remember to always check the ingredients first to make sure you do not have any allergies.

5)  Hormones.  If your lips seem to have thinned due to age, and possible hormone changes, you might talk to your doctor about checking your hormone levels as a lack of estrogen can add to this problem.  (I use Bio-Identical pellets and love them!)  However if you are not a candidate for hormone replacement, then using alternative, natural options may be best in these situations.

6)  Liner.  When applying your lipstick, consider using a lip liner.  If you use a neutral lip color then you can take it just outside the edge of your lip line and it will still look natural.  Additionally, using the liner as a barrier, your lipstick is less likely to bleed.

7)  Find a Moisturizing Lipstick.  While I personally like the look of matte finish lipsticks, they can be more drying and your lips will not look as full.  However, if you have a special matte color you prefer, you could still try a plumping gloss under it.

8)  Lip Liner Illusions.  For a fuller looking lip using a liner, add a thicker line under your bottom lip in the center of your mouth.  It creates the illusion of more depth and fullness.

Bonus Fullips Enhancer Tips:

*For those that have a Fullips enhancer, here are some extra tips.  For those coming straight to our blog, the Fullips product was created to offer a natural and less expensive alternative for those wanting fuller lips, without the use of chemicals or invasive procedures.  Our enhancers come in 3 sizes and shapes for a variety of uses.

The Small Oval is my personal favorite!  It was developed to be used vertically, to target the middle of the mouth. In doing this, it takes the focus off the outside area where many older women, like myself, have more noticeable laugh lines and often get a turned down mouth look.  By drawing attention to the center of my mouth, and focusing on a smaller area, the fullness is more pronounced and distracts from the areas that I do not like.  It is kind of a smoke and mirrors thing, but it works! :)

The Medium Oval can focus both on the whole mouth area, and be turned vertically for targeting certain areas.  It can be used to do one lip at a time, and while that takes a little more practice to perfect, it is very useful if you have one lip that is smaller than the other.  If you are looking at just targeting smaller areas, like the center of your mouth, the small one is still the best.  But the Medium Oval tool provides options for both overall fullness and targeting.

The Large Round is our most popular seller for those looking to achieve an overall, fuller look.  It is best for doing the whole mouth area, but not as useful for targeting specific areas.  While some customers use it for one lip at a time, the size is best used for encompassing the whole mouth.  Generally, those with an overall larger mouth shape, and younger people, prefer this one.  Even though my 26 year old daughter in our demo uses the medium oval.  It's such a personal choice really.

Many people like to combine two sizes, like a Large Round for overall fullness and an Oval for targeting.  Or a Medium Oval for overall and a Small Oval for targeting.  It would be rare for anyone to really need all 3, but some prefer using all 3 for different effects on different occasions/events.

There are many techniques for using your fullips enhancers.  I use the tool for a longer period of time while using a gentle suction, while my daughter (as seen in the demo), prefers short quick suction "puffs".  It does take time to perfect the techniques, but the longer you use it the easier it becomes, and the better the results!  After you find what works best for you, you can incorporate it into your daily routine just like any other product, or you can use it just for special occasions, as it is temporary.  The key is to go slow at first, and then find what works best for you.

Hope these tips are useful! :)


Here is a demo with one technique using the Medium Oval:


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