Timeless and Trending Beauty

As I write this column, I am in the midst of my Kissing Cancer Goodbye Campaign, a fundraiser I started to raise both money and awareness for breast cancer research. 

When I started my beauty business years ago, I simply sought to offer women something I had been in search of myself - painless aging!  

I could not have imagined that it would lead to hundreds of women opening their hearts and sharing their stories of tragedy, triumph, joy, and sorrow – all the many things that weave our lives into the complex and beautiful stories of who we each are.  In the emails I received, I have witnessed “beauty” in so many forms - and it has been both heartwarming and inspiring.  

This led me to recently pose a question to my numerous contacts on social media, “What makes a woman beautiful?” The answers surprised me.  

The question was given to men and women, ages 18-93. (Yes, my oldest friend on Facebook is my 93 year old Aunt Ruby - one of the most beautiful women I know!) 

As the responses came in, there were two things that both sexes gave as their top choices: a woman's smile and her eyes. Coming in a close third, was a woman's kindness.

Many expressed that no matter how gorgeous a woman was, without a kind heart, her outer beauty did not matter! While we all want to look beautiful on the outside, so much of how we feel and act towards others also helps to illuminate our outer beauty!

With the importance of eyes and smiles in mind, I thought I’d share the latest trend in eyes and lips! Much like matching shoes and a purse, the current idea is to have the eyes and the lips match - and your nails too if you want the full look.

While I have seen younger women take this trend to really fun color extremes, that look might not work for all of us. Blue lips as a senior is hard to pull off!

Remember you can always follow a current trend, but it may be better to tailor it to a softer look.

At 60 years old, I find that less is more.

One option for a fun, but softer touch is to use a very dark purple eye shadow on top of a neutral brown shadow. The brown provides a nice base and the deep purple is subtle, yet noticeable.

Apply the shadow as you normally would and add a touch more purple to the crease of your lid. Then, if you go over the whole lid with a quick swipe of a pink powder blush, it creates a subtle, sun-kissed highlight.

If you have green or blue eyes, this really makes them stand out even more! And with brown eyes, it adds a dramatic twist! 

For your lips, try a lip color with a hint of mauve. If you prefer a more natural lip color, you can use a nude lip color, but layered with a pinkish gloss.

The pinks and the purple will tie together beautifully and really make both your eyes and your lips stand out! Match your nails to your lips and you are trending!

I want this to be a space where we can all share ideas and tips, I would love to hear from you!! Please send your thoughts, ideas, tips or questions to me at info@fullips.com

 *Please note, this is a reprint as originally seen in my beauty column "Timeless Beauty" for The Vegas Voice newspaper in Las Vegas, NV

Lips are our Business!

Lips are our Business!

In light of the recent media attention Fullips has received, I decided we are long overdue for a post on the Fullips team's favorite topic - LIPS!

When I first started developing the enhancers for adding fullness to my own lips, I had just turned 50.  And because of the normal aging process, I noticed my lips were thinning.  While lack of estrogen is often a cause for older women, many women, of all ages, have naturally thin lips or simply want a little added fullness.  Fullips enhancers can certainly help with this, but here are some additional tips that can help as well!

1)  Stay hydrated.  Dehydration can cause lips to lose some of their natural fullness.  So being well hydrated is beneficial, not to mention to your overall health too!

A tip from one of our recent customers: "I have been an ER/Trauma RN for almost 10 years, so my knowledge about the human body is a little better then the average person.  I can tell you drinking a lot of water and taking vitamins/herbs is super beneficial in achieving the best results!  Coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol, etc...anything with caffeine will decrease the results tremendously, do to the diuretic effects of those products."

2)  Moisture.  Keeping your lips well moisturized, just like you would the rest of your face, not only keeps them fuller looking, but their overall appearance is better.  I personally love the Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment, but there are many great ones on the market.

3)  Exfoliate your lips.  Yes, while we often think about exfoliating our skin, we often forget that our lips can also benefit.  Use a very soft brush, gently.  In fact, Fullips packages include small exfoliation brushes with every order as a gift, I think it's that important!  Remember, nothing is nicer and more kissable than soft lips!

4)  Consider using a Plumping Gloss.  There are several good ones on the market already, and we will soon be adding our own as well.  Even if you prefer more color than you can get with just a gloss, or have your favorite lipstick, you can use a plumping gloss underneath your favorite color, still giving you the benefit of the plumping effect.  With any new plumping gloss, remember to always check the ingredients first to make sure you do not have any allergies.

5)  Hormones.  If your lips seem to have thinned due to age, and possible hormone changes, you might talk to your doctor about checking your hormone levels as a lack of estrogen can add to this problem.  (I use Bio-Identical pellets and love them!)  However if you are not a candidate for hormone replacement, then using alternative, natural options may be best in these situations.

6)  Liner.  When applying your lipstick, consider using a lip liner.  If you use a neutral lip color then you can take it just outside the edge of your lip line and it will still look natural.  Additionally, using the liner as a barrier, your lipstick is less likely to bleed.

7)  Find a Moisturizing Lipstick.  While I personally like the look of matte finish lipsticks, they can be more drying and your lips will not look as full.  However, if you have a special matte color you prefer, you could still try a plumping gloss under it.

8)  Lip Liner Illusions.  For a fuller looking lip using a liner, add a thicker line under your bottom lip in the center of your mouth.  It creates the illusion of more depth and fullness.

Bonus Fullips Enhancer Tips:

*For those that have a Fullips enhancer, here are some extra tips.  For those coming straight to our blog, the Fullips product was created to offer a natural and less expensive alternative for those wanting fuller lips, without the use of chemicals or invasive procedures.  Our enhancers come in 3 sizes and shapes for a variety of uses.

The Small Oval is my personal favorite!  It was developed to be used vertically, to target the middle of the mouth. In doing this, it takes the focus off the outside area where many older women, like myself, have more noticeable laugh lines and often get a turned down mouth look.  By drawing attention to the center of my mouth, and focusing on a smaller area, the fullness is more pronounced and distracts from the areas that I do not like.  It is kind of a smoke and mirrors thing, but it works! :)

The Medium Oval can focus both on the whole mouth area, and be turned vertically for targeting certain areas.  It can be used to do one lip at a time, and while that takes a little more practice to perfect, it is very useful if you have one lip that is smaller than the other.  If you are looking at just targeting smaller areas, like the center of your mouth, the small one is still the best.  But the Medium Oval tool provides options for both overall fullness and targeting.

The Large Round is our most popular seller for those looking to achieve an overall, fuller look.  It is best for doing the whole mouth area, but not as useful for targeting specific areas.  While some customers use it for one lip at a time, the size is best used for encompassing the whole mouth.  Generally, those with an overall larger mouth shape, and younger people, prefer this one.  Even though my 26 year old daughter in our demo uses the medium oval.  It's such a personal choice really.

Many people like to combine two sizes, like a Large Round for overall fullness and an Oval for targeting.  Or a Medium Oval for overall and a Small Oval for targeting.  It would be rare for anyone to really need all 3, but some prefer using all 3 for different effects on different occasions/events.

There are many techniques for using your fullips enhancers.  I use the tool for a longer period of time while using a gentle suction, while my daughter (as seen in the demo), prefers short quick suction "puffs".  It does take time to perfect the techniques, but the longer you use it the easier it becomes, and the better the results!  After you find what works best for you, you can incorporate it into your daily routine just like any other product, or you can use it just for special occasions, as it is temporary.  The key is to go slow at first, and then find what works best for you.

Hope these tips are useful! :)


Here is a demo with one technique using the Medium Oval:


A different technique, using the Large Round and Small Oval to target the upper lip:


Cosmopolitan Magazine Video Review:


Right This Minute Demo and Review:


Basic demo for general use:

Exercise. That dreaded word....but it doesn't have to be!

Exercise.  That dreaded word.  All those health surveys and doctors office questionnaires always wanting to know “How many times per week” you exercise.  I’m guessing there are a whole lot of people out there having to make something up since “0 times per week” is rarely on the list.  But I’m here to tell you today you can proudly start checking the box like I do, without ever having to step inside a gym.  

(Note: I am not saying to stop your New Year’s Resolution gym membership.  I just want to give some outside alternatives for those that already know they are not going to go run on a treadmill.)

Anyone close to me knows I don’t even own a pair of sneakers, lots of heels, but nothing exercise related.  While traditional exercise is not personally my deal, I do believe that physical activity is one of the most important things we can, and should do, for our health.  Especially as we age!

Of course, before you do or try anything new, you should always check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for any new activity.  If you are, I think the best thing any of us can do is to go back to our younger days, when we didn’t think about exercise as something we had to do, but when we simply did things we thought were fun and they naturally kept us active.   So….


1) Dance!

I start every morning by putting on music, not slow calming music, but fun, fast music. Music that you danced to in your younger days is the best.  It gets you energized; you move faster and it brings about great memories too.  Even if you are alone…dance!  It’s one of the things I love to do most and I do it a lot, its great cardio.  When you go out, if possible, pick places with music and dancing.  It makes for an even more fun evening and you work off your dinner at the same time!  If you have grandchildren, dance with them every chance you get.  This is not only healthy for you, but great fun and “exercise” for them too.  You can dance with you partner, your dog (mine is a fantastic partner btw), your cat, it really doesn’t matter, the key is to move!


2) Hula hoop!

Assuming your back is not an issue, consider trying this again.  If you don’t have a hula hoop, you can go out and buy one cheap.  Target, dollar store, doesn’t matter.  You might be surprised at both how much fun it is and how easy it is to get in some good exercise time.  Instead of watching a TV show sitting on the couch, try standing and using a hula hoop while you watch.  The time will go by fast and your waist line will thank you.  And again, if you have grandchildren, get 2 hula hoops (they make little ones for them), it’s always fun to play with a partner.  :)


3) Jump rope!

Do you remember when you would do this just for fun?  We never thought of it back then as exercising.  Do it to music and it’s even more fun!  If using an actual jump rope is hard at first, start with an imaginary jump rope, the activity is the same, and you’ll have a chance to laugh at yourself.  Though your family might laugh also.  :)


4) Swim!

If you have the use of a pool, swimming is not only fun and calming, it’s much easier on your joints.  It also helps with stretching.  Which if you do nothing else, try and stretch, even if it’s for a few minutes each day.  Do it to your music in the morning, it really will start your day off great, and you won’t feel as stiff as the day goes on.


5) Walk!

Just good old fashion walking.  Remember when you would walk to school or your friend’s house?  If you wanted to get somewhere and didn’t have a car, we didn’t even give it a second thought.  So give it another try next time you have a few close errands. It’s often easier to walk to a destination for a reason than to make yourself go out for a walk.  And if you can walk with a grandchild, even better, chat about all the things you see along the way.  The names of trees, the names of flowers, stories of how you would to walk to school…it doesn’t really matter what you talk about, just talk.


6) Sex!

Well, I don’t think I need to explain or go into detail here, but if you have a partner, this can certainly be great exercise and good for your relationship too! ;)


As you can see, there are lots of great alternatives if the gym isn’t in your plans.  These are just a few, but the goal is to be moving.  Start slowly if need be, but the more you do the easier it will get, and the more you can do!  You will feel better both physically and mentally.  And again, as you can probably tell by now I’m a big advocate of adding music to everything for the positive energy it gives.  One of my favorites to stream on Youtube is the Beach Boys.  Upbeat music can change your mindset, energize you, and get you moving...it doesn’t get any better than that!




If I only knew then...what I know now! Beauty tips and more beauty tips!

That saying applies to pretty much everything in life, with health and beauty being no exception.  Why, oh why, didn't I listen to some of the things my mother told me?  Well, in part because when you're young it's hard to imagine that age, along with the things that accompany it, will ever be an issue.  And you believe that by the time you have to deal with those things, that you won't care...but you will!  All of a sudden, you wake up one morning and see that things are changing.  So with that in mind I thought I'd share some things I wish I had done, in hopes that maybe someone else could still benefit from them.  Additionally, I'm throwing in some extra things that I do now, that are easy yet helpful tips that DO make this "growing old gracefully" thing a little easier to handle.  Again the idea is to do things that are easy, inexpensive and as natural as possible.
If only I had....
1)  Stayed out of the sun...all of those deep dark beautiful tans have not been optimal to my skin all these years later.
2)  Used sunblock on my hands...hands are one of the first major places to show age outside our face--and they are always exposed--sunblock with (or in) your hand lotion is a no brainer!

3)  Not been so quick to thin my eyebrows quite so much...while bushy brows are not a good look on anyone, over thinning can leave you wishing you had a little thicker brows as you age--they really do add to your face.
4)  Not gone on crazy diets...the only time in my life I had to extreme diet was when I was a stewardess.  The weight restriction was 105 pounds and I could never maintain that.  The fast, crazy diets never worked for long and were horrible for my health.
Easy tips that work now...it's never too late to share...and start today!!
1)  Stop sleeping on your face...much the same way I shared how to get rid of your forehead lines.  If you are a side or face sleeper--you can make a huge difference in your facial wrinkles if you can sleep on your back.  Just like your forehead wrinkles, if you stop "reinforcing them" they will lessen.  And a little water before bed, will keep you hydrated so that in the morning you will wake up looking as good as you did when you went to bed. :)  If getting on your back and staying there is hard for you, try the memory foam pillows, because you sink in a little that may help you stay there.  Oh, and a satin pillow case is also a great help.
2)  Wrinkled neck issues seem to come up a lot in talking to female friends, and while we are in the midst of a fun product for that, here are some quick ideas for now.  One easy fix, if this is really an issue for you, is to help hide the problem by having your hair length come to at least your collar bone...movement around your neck really helps take away from the direct issue.  They say the bob haircut, because it's so versatile, is a look that almost anyone can wear so if you prefer short hair, perhaps that can be the best of both worlds...shorter in the back with some movement around the neck.  The right necklace never hurts either...be careful though to wear one that draws the eye away from the neck (usually longer) and not right to the problem area unless the neckace (something like pearls) covers the area.
3)  More on Hair...as we age, for both men and women our hair often starts to thin.  When I was in my 20's I did try highlights, but never very successfully, and I gave up.  Now at 58, I still don't use any harsh chemicals--the longer you can go without using harsh chemicals the better I think.  Should you decide to color your hair, if you start to get gray, one option would be the level 1 colors.  They have no ammonia and no peroxide...of course they don't last as long so you have to do it more often but your hair will be super healthy.
4)  In the never too late category...again, start that sunblock on your hands!  Age spots will just keep coming so the more you protect your hands even now, the better.  And less sun on your hands, means less wrinkles on your hands too.  A great one is the Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 30.  And you can just keep it in your car to help you remember to put it on as you head out for the day!
5)  Fill in those eyebrows...for me, I have found it's way better and a much more natural look to use an eyebrow brush and a nice matt eye shadow.  I go a shade lighter than my brows.  The eyebrow pencils can look less natural where as the powder brushes on easy and fills everything in so nicely.
6)  Sunglasses...wear them!!  They not only protect your eyes, but you will find less wrinkles around your eye area if you wear them.  Any protection from the sun around that sensitive area is really helpful in fighting wrinkles.
7)  Elbows...don't forget those elbows when putting on your hand lotion.  I think they are often overlooked but a little extra lotion, (of course I love Ponds for everything) will really help soften and make them look so much smoother.
8)  Teeth...so I'm not sure when teeth start looking old but they do.  And aside from thinning lips, nothing affects our smiles more than unattractive teeth.  Of course checking with your dentist is important first, but if he agrees, whitening at home can be a great option and it's less expensive than the office procedures.  White teeth make a major difference in our smiles.  As I have shared before I really think smiling and being happy makes us look younger than anything else we can do.  And if you have tooth sensitivity like me, I have also found that the Crest 3D 2 hour Express whitening strips are faster and don't seem as harsh.

9)  If you still want a little sunkissed look, or at least some color on your legs after the winter cover-up, the lotions with gradual tanner, such as the Jergens Natural Glow for body and face, I've found work pretty well without looking too orange.  And, if any of you are trying to cover those troublesome varicose veins the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs works great!  Kind of like makeup on your legs.  Start with the Light color one first if you're more fair.  There's also a product called Liquid Nylons Sun Glitzed Legs that adds just a little shimmery bronze if you need it.

So, that's all I have for today...but please DO share any other tips that you might have that will help us all look a little better while aging as gracefully as we can.  Women helping women is as good as it gets because who knows these issues better than we do!?  :)
Just comment below!

Are hormones really lunch time conversation? It depends how old you are... ;)

In deciding what to write about for this post, I thought I’d let one of the topics that seems to come up a lot lately with women friends and family make the decision.  I have always found that women are pretty comfortable talking about issues that affect us, but I believe that to be even more so as we age.  When I go to lunch with friends, there is no topic that is out of bounds.  Children and grandchildren seem to be a favorite topic, while men and husbands (and no they are not one and the same) are always of interest, along with work and careers.  The biggest change in lunch time chat as we age seems to be health.  I don’t ever remember talking about our health when I was in my 20’s, of course I didn’t discuss children, grandchildren or husbands either.  Men, yes, and other things I’m sure, but those things seem to escape me at the moment.

When discussing health issues with women starting in our forties, I would say hormones are probably the number one topic of general interest.  Being married to an amazing and very progressive Ob/Gyn I consider myself very lucky, not just because he’s a wonderful husband, but because his expertise as I hit the ominous change of life period kept me in balance and without issues.  For me, the only issue I had was dryness, and I mean dryness everywhere.  My hair, my skin and every other place that should have had moisture were dry.  Many women try to treat these things with topical remedies but when the moisture loss is from lack of hormones, it’s almost impossible to fully replenish that moisture with creams.  Aside from looking much older because our skin can appear more wrinkled, other more important issues can occur.  Sex can become very uncomfortable and less enjoyable, which can certainly start to affect both partners.  Throw in some mood swings or hot flashes which affect some women and…eessshhh…poor husbands...poor us!

So, enter my husband, not that I always listen to him because sometimes I can be stubborn, but in this case I did and wow, what a difference!  He suggested (BHRT) Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Once every three months a small pellet is inserted, this is based on a hormone panel done ahead of time to make sure you have everything in balance.  This little pellet can truly be life changing, both for the woman and her partner.  BHRT can help with dryness, balance of moods, energy, hot flashes, sex drive, pretty much any of the symptoms that are associated with pre-menopause or menopausal symptoms.  You will not only feel better, you will look better too!

So, if you are having these kinds of issues it might be worth asking your Gynecologist about this option…and of course if you are in Arizona…I could highly recommend one Dr. Ernesto Gomez M.D. at Mesa Ob/Gyn…and not because he’s my husband but because he really is an amazing doctor!!!

You will find my husband listed in Suzanne Somers Sexy-Forever online resource guide.  If you are out of state, this is an excellent place to find other doctors that she also recommends for BHRT or any additional information.



***On a side note about moisturizers…during all of my experimenting with face creams during my dry skin period--prior to taking my husband’s advice--I bought dozens of creams, lotions, oils, etc.  Some were really expensive, others were cheap and I tried them all.  What to my surprise did I fall in love with?  Ponds cold cream…yes, grocery store Ponds cold cream!  The regular one, with the blue lid.  I still use it...it’s inexpensive and wonderful, at least for me it is.  I put it in the palm of my hand, add water and put it all over my face, neck, arms, anywhere you need it.  It’s so inexpensive you can use it all over your body.  The only drawback might be that your kids will be all too happy to point out that you smell like Nana.  Smelling like Nana is not a bad thing and it isn't an issue for me, I like the way Ponds smells, but you might want your favorite perfume ready to go...just in case that isn’t the smell you are going for.  ;)


The Simple Things...

Sometimes it is the simplest things that can make a huge difference in our appearance! A smile for example can take ten years off your face, and when people are happy, they look their best.  Look at brides and first time mothers – whether all glammed up in a gown, or sleep deprived in pajamas, they both look beautiful.  When I'm laughing with my granddaughter I know it doesn't matter how much make-up I have on, or what I am wearing.  This of course doesn't change the graying hair or wrinkles, but the right attitude in our approach to getting older can be huge.

As I am about to celebrate my 58th birthday, I recognize more than ever how much I have changed!  I certainly didn't appreciate my 20's like I should have.  When I look in the mirror, that is not my 20 year old self staring back.

So our first official segment will focus on the face.  There are so many changes it goes through - dry skin, wrinkles, thinning eyebrows, thinning lips (try fullips!) and so many more!

This particular section is in regards to forehead wrinkles.  These may not be an issue for everyone, but I personally felt they really aged me.  I considered going the bangs route, but I have never been able to wear them.  And even then, if your hair begins to thin the wrinkles still show through.  So many years ago, when a much younger friend began going in for Botox injections, I was curious how they worked.  She explained that paralyzing the muscles helped to prevent any forehead movement allowing the wrinkles to relax.  Well, not being too crazy about needles or side effects, or for that matter keeping up with appointments, I decided to just train myself to prevent the movement that causes the wrinkles in the first place. This may seem kind of crazy, but stay with me here.

On many occasions, people have asked me if I've had Botox injections.  I have not, and it is because of this awareness--which keep in mind also happens to be free and easy to do at home.  It does take some practice and a little patience, but it is worth a try and has worked for me.

I'm naturally a very animated speaker, both with my face and hands, and I know this had caused the forehead lines, but I have realized that I can still get my point across without doing it.  So the first step is to figure out when you make them, both across the top of your forehead, and at the brow line.

The easiest one to recognize, and stop, is furrowing the brow.  It is usually made when we’re squinting, concerned, or angry.  The wrinkles in this area also make us look like an angrier person in general.  Additionally, if you’re a side sleeper, sometimes these lines get deeper at night if your pillow pushes your face into that position and then stays that way all night.  This is a problem for me because I prefer sleeping on my face and side, neither of which is good if you’re concerned about face wrinkles.  So I’m also trying to get myself to sleep on my back as it's really the best position to ease the wrinkles on our face.  Also, if you use moisturizer on your face at night, your pillow does a pretty good job at wiping it off.  So if you can sleep on your back with no health issues, your face will likely look much better in the morning.

Now for the horizontal lines, there are a couple of things you can do.  The first is to become aware of when you express yourself by raising your eyebrows.

First, try chatting on your cell phone in front of a mirror while watching yourself talk.  It’s pretty easy to see which expressions, or even phrases, make you raise your eyebrows.  I know it sounds silly, but you might be surprised.  Once you identify it, you can still use your words and your voice to express that same emotion, without raising your eyebrows.  After a short while you will notice those forehead lines softening.

Another great way to be able to “feel’ when you are making those raised eyebrow expressions is to use a facial mask when you are home and it’s convenient.  I like to use the clay kind, but choose one of course that is beneficial to your skin.  Once it dries, pay attention to the forehead and eyebrow expressions that cause it to feel as if it may crack. In the same way we often try to keep our faces from cracking while having a mask on, use this to train yourself.

Once you are aware of making the facial expressions that cause the wrinkles, it will become easier to stop doing it and in a short period of time, the lines will soften and hopefully go away completely, depending how deep they are.  And if you use a moisturizer, continue to use it, maybe a little more than usual, to really help soften them.

Lastly, as a side note, I don’t personally feel it’s a good idea to completely stop using any of our muscles.  The beauty of erasing forehead wrinkles, without doing anything permanent, is you can, and should, raise your eyebrows from time to time to keep those muscles strong.

And the most important thing about not permanently losing the ability is every so often you might just get a piece of news so wonderful that it really calls for full facial expressions, raised eyebrows and all.  Like what you might wonder?  Well in my case, it’s when my 2 year old granddaughter shares that she has used the big girl potty…now that is worth being able to raise my eyebrows. ;)

The idea behind the blog...

Welcome to the Baby Boomer Beauty Blog!  This is a gathering place to share easy, inexpensive, non-invasive ideas with each other about “beauty” and how to continue to age gracefully, while feeling good about how we look.

The reality is we cannot turn back the clock, and there is no product or magic elixir (at least that I know of!) that will do this.  We all have different ideas about beauty, but I believe one of the most important factors in being beautiful is to be happy with ourselves.  Real beauty has nothing to do with the wrinkles, weight, or the many other things that follow us into our senior years and we must always consider our whole person.

That said, of course we all still want to look our best on the outside, no matter how many years pass us by.  I have no doubt that when I look at my pictures 10 years from now, I will naturally wish for these “younger” days”.  But for now, I want to work with what I got and will resist these pesky signs of aging!  So let’s get sharing!