Hair: Our Crowning Glory

Many of us have a love hate relationship with our hair. Gray, stray, and missing hair. Hair where you wish it was, and where you wish it wasn't! Our hairstyle is one of the most noticeable aspects of our look. It can show off our personalities and highlight our face.

In our youth, hair was often taken for granted. Most of us had thick locks yet wished for something different. The 60's and 70's rage was stick straight hair, some girls had it naturally, but most of us had to work for it, and without the use of flat irons! We tried everything from giant rollers and soup cans to irons and ironing boards, yikes!

Like with so many things, age and hormones changes all of that. Thinning hair isn't just a male problem, many women also face this battle. It's often not as noticeable because women cover the issue with hairpieces, hats, scarves, styles and products. Women may have more options, but also feel more compelled to hide the issue.

If you notice thinning hair, check with your doctor to make sure your hormones or medications aren't a factor. These both play a vital role in the health and maintenance of our bodies, yet they can affect other things, like our hair.

It’s important to prevent damage in our normal routine. Hair color, curling and straightening irons, blow dryers, and teasing, can all add to the problem. Things we do to create the illusion of full, youthful hair may be damaging.

When it comes to color, ask your hairdresser about options with less harsh chemicals, like hair color with no ammonia and/or no peroxide. Try going longer periods between treatments using less chemicals. If you're just starting to gray, consider Level 1 hair color, to allow more time before starting permanent color. It's more work but your hair may stay healthier longer. Highlights are also another option to ask about.

For hair tools, the less heat the better. When possible, consider letting your hair air dry and use lower heat settings. It can take longer, but your hair won’t be under near the stress. Be careful if you wear a bun or ponytail, don't pull it tight especially if the top front of your hairline is thinning. Use thick, soft cloth ties, as regular elastics can cause breakage.

If you tease your hair, try fluffing it with your fingers while still wet, let it air dry most of the way, then style. This creates natural fullness to minimize teasing and help prevent breakage. We forget how fragile our hair can be and how rough some styling attempts are.

If you need to cover bald spots there are many temporary products on the market, ask your hairdresser to suggest some good ones. There are many forms, from pigmented powders to authentic hair cover.

Also, check with your doctor for info on over-the-counter hair growth products vs. prescriptions, to make sure you know all of your options! He/she may also be able to recommend supplements that are good for hair health. We have lots of possibilities now, and every woman should love her ‘do!