Age is a State of Mind

Why is it as we age that some people are “old” at 40 and others at 80 seem so young?

As I come to realize in my own personal life, it inevitably comes down to attitude.

I have never been very good at judging age, but lately since moving to Las Vegas, I seem to have an even harder time doing so.

I'm not sure if it’s Vegas’ fun, sexy, vibe with great weather that prompts residents to take better care of themselves, or if the overall feel just exudes youthfulness, but I suspect it’s all connected!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting two women, who will go un-named, but both are in their 80's.  Both were dancers in their youth and are still absolutely stunning.  And I don’t mean stunning as in sweet, little, old lady cute.  I really mean sexy, bright and vivacious. 

They are still in amazing physical shape, dress classy yet sexy, carry themselves with the beauty of a dancer, and speak with an elegance that only years of wisdom and knowledge can bring.  There were other similarities as well, in how they took care of themselves.  Neither drinks or smokes and both eat very healthy.

But what really made a difference was they have not given in to the common notions of what it means to age.  They are still both very active in the community, social and charitable events, and entertaining.

I also noticed that they did not dress "old".  While society may seem to dictate what is age appropriate, there is a line that can be walked.  Naturally the mini dresses of our 20's have longer hemlines and low cut tops may not be quite as low.  And as for anything tight fitting, even if our body can handle it, clothing that actually fits, looks better and is frankly, more comfortable!  These things being said, one can easily cross the line on either side.  Dressing too young can make us look silly, but we also want to be careful to not wade into wearing frumpy frocks that make us look even older than we are.

The other thing both women have in common is their hair.  While neither have hair to their waist, they wear it longer, very classy, but not the typical old lady style that was my grandmother.  Both keep their color current and while that is really a personal choice, for both of these 80 year old plus women, it certainly added to their youthful appearance!

And then most importantly is their incredible energy, physically and mentally.  Their stories, laughter, and advice were all fascinating and well received.  Their views on current events were interesting and informative.  All further proof that staying well-read and involved keeps the mind sharp!

I was so inspired by both of these women!  I came away from my encounter hopeful that if I play my cards right, and with a bit of luck, I too can avoid the pitfalls of being old based only on my chronological age. Times are different! We are not destined to follow the way of our Grandparents.  I do believe we can inspire and be sexy at any age and these women were living proof!