How to Improve your Man’s Style

By Kate Anderson

You’ve got the perfect guy; he opens your door, he’s attentive, and gets along with all of your friends.  His one flaw?  His personal style could best be described as one step away from homeless chic.  This is a conundrum many gals face, and if you’re looking for ways to help your man up his fashion ante, consider these easy tips and tricks and transform his style with runway-worthy duds.

Ask Questions
Before you can work on changing your style, you need to understand why he dresses the way he currently does. Is it just sheer laziness—he can’t be bothered to try any harder? Or does his style as it is indicate some underlying facets of his personality? Perhaps his baggy shirts and pants are used to disguise some physical trait he’s insecure about, or maybe he’s been told he can’t rock a certain style by a former girlfriend or some of his friends. Taking the time to understand his resistance to certain styles will help you streamline your efforts and ensure your newly chosen pieces are something he’ll actually like and wear.

Be Positive
You catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar, so remember to remain positive when he starts making changes that you appreciate. When he wears that new shirt you bought him recently, commend him, shower him with physical affection, and make note of how good he looks. You’d be amazed at what a casual “Those jeans look so good on you” or “Wow, that shirt is really working for you” can do. Positive reinforcement is sure to do you many favors, and he’ll be more apt to wear what you like when he sees the love and affection it gets him. Guys do want to look good too, and know that they’re attractive to you, so making sure he knows how much his efforts are appreciated can see you both happier with his fashion sense.

Start Small
Pulling him with you to the mall for a day of shopping may sound like fun to you, but if he’s not into style and fashion, guaranteed the prospect sounds like a punishment to him. The last thing you want is to make him more resistant to your efforts, so instead of planning to overhaul his entire wardrobe in a weekend, start small and work in great pieces over time. Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to changing the fashion habits of a fellow who is stuck in his ways.

Pay Attention to Fit
Many guys are satisfied to throw on that classic t-shirt, buy a wholesale suit from a store like, and trust that their determined size is always the right fit. Unfortunately, forgoing a bit of tailoring can actually result in a sloppy mess. If you find he’s resistant to trying new clothes, instead consider tailoring what he already has. You’d be shocked at how much of a different proper fit can make, and he’ll be surprised at how much better his current style can look with a little bit of professional attention.

Don’t Forget Details
If you’re having a hard time convincing your guy to don that chambray button down, or he’s been resistant to your efforts on putting him in a straight leg jean, consider the small details that might be easier to encourage him to try. One fashion statement that’s become massive in men’s fashion? Socks. Believe it or not, this footwear has become a top way to show off personal style, and with so many designer companies offering awesome designs, you’re sure to find something he likes that will catapult his style from drab to debonair. Find some creative socks at a company like Stance.

Leave it to the Professionals
If you’re finding it tough to pick out items for your guy, leave it to the professionals. Companies like Trunk Club will assign the lucky fellow with a professional stylist. The stylist will take into account his preferences, then send along fashion forward pieces in all the right measurement. What your guy likes, he keeps, and what he doesn’t, he sends back for free, easy as that.
Overhauling your man’s style doesn’t have to cause undue stress. Keep these tips in mind and have him looking handsome as ever in no time. 


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