Legs are the Last To Go!

For those living in Vegas, the long, beautiful legs of dolled up showgirls appear everywhere from billboards to buses.  A great pair of legs is the epitome of sex appeal and often overlooked as years pass.  Many say that legs are the “last to go” when it comes to our looks.  And while there may be some truth in this, we should be sure to give them the proper attention they deserve - not only to stay healthy, but remain a showstopper!

As we get older some of the most common complaints with our legs can be knee and joint issues, swelling and varicose veins.  While many of us baby boomers are physically active, our knees often suffer. 

For women especially, things like wearing high heels are often no longer a comfortable option.  For the relief and health of our joints, abandoning a favorite pair of stilettos might be necessary, but every woman still loves the fashionable look of a heel.  Lucky for us, this season a chunky, wider heel is back in fashion!  And of course don’t forget wedges which have come a long way and offer options both casual and dressy!  For those like me that have worn heels for years and actually have a painful problem with wearing anything flat now, they also provide more stability and are my go-to for long hour days.  Both styles provide a compromise while protecting those knees and feet from further discomfort and they can still look sexy!

Another common issue for women over 40 can be varicose veins and swelling.  While many are concerned about the appearance, it can be a sign of a more serious condition.  Genetics often plays a factor, but also circulation problems should be evaluated by a doctor.  The good news from a cosmetics standpoint is that varicose veins can usually be treated with laser therapy.  Spider veins, while less noticeable can also be reduced with treatment, giving your legs a more youthful appearance.

If treatment seems too invasive or is out of your budget, luckily there are a few great options for coverage, other than pants!

During the summer, especially in places like Las Vegas where sun dresses and sandals are far more comfortable, those winter white legs may need a little help with the "sun kissed glow".  Fortunately, no sun time is needed these days!  There are some really nice products that provide the glow and some extra coverage without the risk of sun damage.  One of my favorites is Jergens Natural Glow for gradual color enhancement.  For those that need instant coverage, Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs is quick and also waterproof if you are going to be by the pool or beach.  And Laura Mercier’s Body Bronzing Makeup, while not waterproof, does provide a nice natural color, in one application, so it’s perfect for everyday use, or for your date night out in your fav dress.  For deeper coverage of veins, leg makeup is another option.  Dermablend is a personal favorite for that type of extra coverage!

In the winter, wearing nylons can cover a lot of things we'd rather not have noticed and can be sexy too!  A nice pair of thigh-highs from Victoria Secret can give legs a beautiful look and feel!  And any control top styles can help flatten that tummy and make your legs appear longer.

Bottom line ladies, don't take those legs for granted!  Make sure they are both healthy and look great!  A good check-up and a few tricks is all you need for those glam gams!