Jeff Griffin
Chief Technical Officer/Chief Marketing Officer

Born and raised in sunny Arizona, Jeff grew up playing Soccer.  The rumor is he could kick a ball before he could walk.  This natural ability was refined and crafted throughout his youth, building strong character and work ethic which prepared him for future success.  After a strong youth and collegiate career he pursued his passion across the Atlantic to Germany, where he was able to live out his childhood dream of playing professionally.

Along the way, Jeff was able to graduate early from the University of Portland with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.  Traveling around the world also opened him up to many different cultures which molded him into a creative thinker with a unique perspective of the human mind.  During this time he also got to live and breathe inside the underbelly of one of the worlds largest, most successful businesses, Professional Sports.

After two years of playing professionally Jeff decided to forgo his next contract so he could help his family in business.  He moved back to Arizona where he helped run one of the top Talent Management Agencies in the Southwest Region while also starting a Film Production Company.

Ultimately this move back home would lead him to Fullips, becoming the Chief Technical Officer.

In his spare time he also enjoys giving back to the community through varies efforts, including the Miracle League of Arizona, Darfur United, and St. Jude's Children Research Center.  He is always willing to give a helping hand to anyone in need. 

Our Team

Linda Gomez   Founder/CEO

Linda Gomez

Tiffany Broderick   Vice President   

Tiffany Broderick
Vice President

Jeff Griffin   Chief Technical Officer

Jeff Griffin
Chief Technical Officer

Austin Gomez   Operations Manager

Austin Gomez
Operations Manager

Lily Broderick   Jr. Advisor

Lily Broderick
Jr. Advisor