Lily Broderick
Jr. Advisor

As the youngest member of the team, Lily gives all of us insight in how to look and be young at heart.  When she is not making sure we take play breaks, she likes to parade around in her princess costumes, raid the occasional makeup bag, and paint her face in lipstick (and marker).  She is also a proud older sister.

It might be her charming good looks (and adorable faces), but Lily is by far the most productive team member.  She is on her way to being a world renown fashionista.

Our Team

Linda Gomez   Founder/CEO

Linda Gomez

Tiffany Broderick   Vice President   

Tiffany Broderick
Vice President

Jeff Griffin   Chief Technical Officer

Jeff Griffin
Chief Technical Officer

Austin Gomez   Operations Manager

Austin Gomez
Operations Manager

Lily Broderick   Jr. Advisor

Lily Broderick
Jr. Advisor