Tiffany Broderick
Vice President

As a wife and a mother to two amazing daughters, I am always on the run.  I spend most days in a ponytail and jeans chasing little ones, but I try to strike a balance with other parts of my life.  I am passionate about natural beauty products and helping women age gracefully.  All women deserve to feel beautiful and I love that we get a chance to engage with our beautiful customers every day. 

Fullips also gives me the opportunity to use my degrees, leverage my experience, and help grow a family owned business.  While being a mother is my "full time occupation",  I want to inspire my girls and show them women can have the best of both worlds.

Our Team

Linda Gomez   Founder/CEO

Linda Gomez

Tiffany Broderick   Vice President   

Tiffany Broderick
Vice President

Jeff Griffin   Chief Technical Officer

Jeff Griffin
Chief Technical Officer

Austin Gomez   Operations Manager

Austin Gomez
Operations Manager

Lily Broderick   Jr. Advisor

Lily Broderick
Jr. Advisor