7 Best Anti-Aging Secrets

Out of all the things we can’t control, chronological aging is one of the most-frustrating. It starts to seem as though no matter how many preventative measures we take, each year that goes by continues to betray our age as we consult our reflection in the mirror.

While no one has yet to discover the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth, there is a well of anti-aging secrets you may not have tapped into! Until you get your hands on a magic potion, try these tricks to get the clock to slow down.


1. Apply Sunscreen. 
Those of us over 50 came from an era in which we baked until we achieved a perfectly bronzed body—and now Baby Boomers are paying the price in skin cancer. We didn’t know it back then, but knowing what we do now, we would have (and should have!) willingly swapped out our bottles of baby oil for SPF.

 The harmful effects of the sun can lead to unsightly scars and deadly skin cancer, but UV rays are also proven to promote aging through the premature development of wrinkles and sunspots. It’s never too late to start protecting your beautiful skin, so be sure to learn from our past mistakes and always walk out the door wearing sunscreen!

2. …and Not Just Your Face!
 Most women know to cover their faces with a sun protectant before exposing themselves to UV rays, but few know the importance of shielding other areas on your body. Most specifically, you neck, chest, and hands are the first areas to develop wrinkles and show signs of aging, so be sure to cover these areas with SPF, as well.

3. Bushy Brows. Adding onto the list of “beauty tips I wish I knew back then” is to be mindful of how frequently you thin out your brows. Everyone wants to ditch their bushy brows in favor of perfectly-shaped arches, but doing so too frequently might make you wish you had a little extra hair to spare while you age. Thicker brows really do add volume for a younger appearance!

4. Switch Up Your Sleep Habits. 
You’ve read up on beauty sleep and how a good night’s rest can contribute to a radiant, youthful appearance—but did you know that how you position your body while you sleep can also contribute to wrinkles? Side-sleepers and stomach-sleepers, beware: reinforcing your facial creases overnight can exaggerate the appearance of wrinkles! Invest in a memory foam pillow that can help you fall asleep on your back and keep you there.


5. The Importance of Hydration
. Too many women are focused on delaying the exterior signs of aging, failing to treat their bodies from the inside-out. Drinking plenty of water is essential for keeping your cells nourished and maintaining a vibrant, radiant glow. If you’re worried about lip wrinkles, try to increase your water intake. Fluid draws up to the lips, so being well-hydrated can lead to a younger, plumper pout.

6. Train Your Facial Muscles. Mothers always know best, and she was right when she warned you to “Stop frowning!” Repetitive facial expressions are a leading culprit of deepened wrinkles, including everything from smiles and frowns to surprise and disappointment. While we should always be proud of our smile lines—no matter how many crow’s feet they give us—but a furrowed brow is one expression we can train our face to control.

Try to avoid frowning when you’re angry or confused, and purchase some reading glasses so you stop squinting in an attempt to see. It may take some time and patience to train your face to relax, but with a little consistency, you can stave off those dreaded ones or elevens.

7. Injections. If your fine lines progress to deep crevices, you might find that no amount of anti-aging serum can do the trick. In this case, you might go down the route of filler injections in order to restore a smooth and supple complexion. Most women wait until their wrinkles turn to trenches before opting for Botox or similar injections, but getting preventative fillers ahead of time might be able to keep fine lines from sinking or sagging in the first place.

In the end, age is only a state of mind. Never let your outer appearance dictate how young and vivacious you appear internally!

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