To Inject Or Not To Inject

For those that don't already know, I own my own small beauty company. It's one that accidentally threw me into the entrepreneurial world at a time in my life when most others are headed for retirement. I have been asked countless times why I started the business and invented my first product, Fullips, and the truth is it sprang out of necessity.

As I got older and started facing some more common aging issues (like thin lips), I went searching for options outside of injections. While I know many that have encountered no issues with their injections, I always just personally prefer natural options, at least for as long as I can get them! I feel like looking good at any age is important and people should always do what works best for them.

I'm also not one to shell out a lot of money on treatments and certainly don't like pain or needles, so I tried the various plumping glosses and gels on the market. Some stung, some worked for a brief moment, and some did nothing. I wanted plump lips, but not red, burning ones from chemicals.

I knew lips naturally plump up when we're well hydrated because fluid draws to the lips and if someone sucks on your lips while kissing, they also plump up. So I decided to find a way to combine those two things into a beauty tool that would temporarily provide what I was looking for.

Self-suction turned out to be my answer! Figuring out that one size enhancer doesn't fit all was a bit of a chore, but after sucking on dozens of things and understanding what worked best, Fullips was born! Add a little lipstick and liner and for those of us older women who have lost our lips, voila!

There are so many options for helping slow the aging process both inside and out. There are invasive products and natural products. I don't think there is a right or wrong, but simply what works best for you. Cost is often a factor as well. The key is to do research, talk to people about what you're considering, and interview several doctors if you decide to do a more invasive procedure. Remember to ask about maintenance and take it all into consideration.

Here's to your health first and your looks to follow!