Style Your Man the Right Way

Every guy needs a fashion update every now and again, and if your fellow is something less than fashion forward, he may need a bit of extra attention in that department. If you’re looking to up your dude’s fashion game and make every piece in his wardrobe cohesive, it’s important to use specific styling tips and habits. You don’t have to completely overhaul his current apparel, but strategic nudges in the right direction can do wonders for his overall look. The devil’s in the details, so keep these tips in mind and elevate your man’s style with ease.


Accessorize with the Best of Them

Accessories aren’t exclusive to women’s ensembles. The right accessories make the look, and your man should have a few staples to dress up any of his wardrobe picks, whether he’s rocking a casual look at a friend’s house or dressing up for a boardroom meeting.

  • Step one: a classic watch. What men’s fashion outfit is complete without an elegant timepiece? Browse leather watches for men if he likes traditional looks, or opt for chromed out watch faces if he loves modern appeal.
  • Step two: some shades. You can’t forget the eye protection, especially when sunglasses bring so flair to a guy’s overall look. Whether he likes classic Ray-bans or accessorizes with a cheaper version of wayfarer-inspired shades from your local Target, protecting those peepers year-round is important, rain or shine.
  • Step three: cufflinks. This is for the fancier fashion fellow, but if he works in a professional setting or attends upscale events on a regular basis, cufflinks are a must-have addition to his accessories collection. You can customize a pair of cufflinks with his initials for an added bit of sentiment, or pick from ready-made cufflinks on the aptly-titled


Check Out Some New Kicks

Shoes are versatile and can bring an outfit together. Most men have a pair of sneakers and sandals in their repertoire, but you can bring some added style into his current wardrobe with a shoe upgrade. Go for classic styles and brands as you’re convincing him to try new things. Adidas, Nikes, and Converse tend to be easy sells — even for the most fashion-resistant men. Head to a department store that carries a variety of brands, pick out a selection for him, and have him pick out his favorites based on comfort. Be sure to grab a pair of dressy loafers while you’re out, especially if he doesn’t already own a pair.

Update His Jeans

A great-fitting pair of jeans should be in every person’s closet, but if your guy’s jeans look more frumpy than fitted, it’s time to get him some new denim. Stick to classic Levi’s, especially if he’s a more laidback type of personality, but always consider darker blues. This hue is flattering on everyone, and can make the most casual outfits look a bit more put-together. Opt for clean, straight-legged jeans—no skinny jeans, no fake mud application, no rips and tears.  

A Tailored Suit Never Hurts

Every guy should have at least one suit in his wardrobe, even if it’s only worn for special occasions. If your significant other doesn’t have a suit already, or has one that fits horribly, it’s time to look into some high-quality tailored options. Investing in a suit that fits him perfectly in the shoulders and molds to his form is a surefire way to take him from drab to debonair. Head to a local suit boutique, or even check out your local Nordstrom. Suit experts can take his measurements and create a customized fit that you’ll both love.


Practice Patience

If your fellow is less than excited about the prospect of transforming his closet, ease into it. Remember, this is a marathon effort — not a sprint. Significant change isn’t going to happen overnight (or in a single shopping trip). Don’t rush things, as you don’t want to hurt his feelings or impede your progress by pushing too much on him at once. Keep his wants and personality in mind as you shop; he’s the one that’ll be rocking these new duds, so make sure they’re things he likes.

With these tips in mind, you can give your dude a fashion overhaul that you’ll both appreciate. Happy shopping!


*This article was provided by Purple Camel Media, which is unaffiliated with Et Al Beauty, LLC.  Thank you to Purple Camel Media for their contribution to our blog.